Текст песни We Are The End Dear Diary

Sometimes I sit alone, and carve our children's names into the concrete
because a love like our's is already, set in stone
so sharing secrets will never grow old

my love for you is endless, whisper than walk away
monuments of an undying devotion
no longer measured by the miles
between who we were and who we grew to be
from beneath the city skies, we find the meaning of life
in an instant we'll find ourselves buried
knee deep in all of our hopes dreams and failures

and may we dream forever

and ever and ever
hand in hand we'll find comfort in all of our misery

the moment I heard you say, 'forever and always'
it was the day, i found a reason to scream towards the heavens
true love found me on a thursday afternoon
wide eyed and ready to accept the notion of holding on, to a steady heartbeat
so listen to my heartbeat, it will sing you to sleep
our memories are nothing, without you and me

we'll die young and beautiful
but angels dont watch over angels
no one is perfect
now realize each of our scars, they could never keep us apart

tonight we'll pledge eternal love and end our generation
as they'll continue to fuck every skeleton, within our closets
love ones left chasing shadows
and the worst is yet to come

kiss me, we'll never hurt again
as we drown in remembrance
my love, I call your name
as were swallowed whole

but never fear what you can't see
never trust what you may never feel
replace the ghost of our abandoned souls with pain

'I love you!'
she said,' In hell we will find ourselves entrenched in flames, but never apart'
as soulmates for the soulless, seeking tonight, we walk the city skies
hoping to find the heavens we once left behind

in every fear I've placed faith
and I found the reason why this world of suffering
coincides within our hearts, a struggle to live a life that once was our's
suffocating, so suffocate the memories
the statue of what we once worshipped, only to show
the world that even in death, we will never be apart for all eternity

Текст добавил IntroLight 28.11.2010

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