Текст песни Within Destruction Human Defect

All humanity will fail
every living being will have their throats slit and their bodies burned
suffering relentlessly

And when the fires will extinguish
they will be crucified - remorseless end of time
You’ll be left behind
plague you will spread through diseases

Human disease shall perish the earth
So you think you can survive this cycle of life

Living like there is no tomorrow
Stranded on a barren planet
Never see the sunrise upon dead horizon

Survivors sent to be exterminated
All your lies disguised shall no longer be tolerated
you’re a hypocritical disgust

Your humanity will fail

Bodies on the ground
Everything that I see
Just a psychotic illusion, a lie
A mental inversion
It is an illusion of life

Worthless herd praying for their own restoration
Blinded by the promise of an Immaculate world
Headless flock kneeling obediently on command
Lingering their necks on the edge of guillotine

Skull by skull tumbling among the lifeless
Formation of a dirt-blood moldy mortuary
A congenital disorder within the essence of creation
Our mentality infected from the onset of genesis
A Provenance of a cerebral deficiency
The absolute breakdown of a brain-dead congregation
Human disease shall perish the earth

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