Текст песни Waking The Cadaver Life Lesson

Growing up in your spoiled little realm,
Always thinkin' someone owes you something,
Ya had to answer to no one...
You don't have fuckin a clue
What this world really is
What this world really is
But i will give you a hint,
It's filled with sickos like me
So you don't even stand a chance
You've been spoon-fed - words of fake praise,
To make yourself think you're good stuff,
Well I am the real truth sayer,
I'm telling you that you ain't good enough
You're gonna feel me come creeping up behind...
You can't take it no more
No choice but to learn the hard way
Like the fear of the dark
I'll be coming for you
There aint no stopping me
I'm gonna run you right to your grave
Like the fear of the dark
There ain't no stopping me
The ultimate preacher of sin,
Ushering nothin' but pure pain
Every second you are awake during this carving,
Nothing will be quick,
You can't comprehend what you are going through,
You've been taught a,
The scolding finger inducing the,
Reprimand and consequence,
Reprimand and disrespect,
Reprimand and punishment

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