Текст песни Waking The Cadaver Money Power Death

Money problems are a problem when ya ain't got no bread,
Grab a gun - kill someone - go get paid!
Desperate times and desperate measures leave you for fuckin' dead,
Ran your pockets, stole your shit,
A shallow grave!
Load up my 9...
Couldn't foresee your sealed fate bitch
It's check mate where you stand,
Homicidal - never broke
Spray your brains
Severe pain
No shame
Watch us maim
Severe pain
Watch us maim
Flesh decay
Stains the ground where you lay,
Stay bloody
Ruthless muggers show no mercy,
Keepin' paid
Never budget or pre-paid
Our greed
Will not stop 'til we got it all..
Always strapped never capped
Stay bloody
Ruthless sluggers show no pity,
Our greed
Won't stop 'til we have it all
Left for dead
You're one of many to take the fall..
We take what we want with no questions ever asked
We do it face to face no need to wear a mask
We want you to see our faces as we put you down
We are money-hungry punks that will unleash a
That's how I get my respect
Money power death
That's how I get my respect
Money power death
That's how we force our respect -using necessary means
No holding back we take what we want
Don't be naive
The writing's on the wall..
Money power death
That's how we force our respect
Using necessary means

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