Текст песни Waking The Cadaver Raped, Pillaged, and Gutted

I could only imagine the fear in your mind,
as my hands grab your throat from behind.
no doubt,
for this bitch,
i'll use the pressure point choke out.
because when it comes to sluts,
it's a good chance your gonna see my glock, before you see my cock

dark room awakening, strapped to the table.
the lights illuminate my instruments.
my pickaxe, snubnose, the sawnoff, the meatcleaver, the chainsaw
you see what the fuck i'm workin' with?
this isn't a dream bitch, to me, your nothing but a hole,
so when i look you in the eyes, the only words i say is
i'm in full control

Horror when you see my face,
you've seen the botters in the newspapers, you know i'm famous
so bitch i'm gonna start this shit with a pickaxe to your anus.
blood pours; fountains from this whore
i look at my prick, and i know i'm craving more.
I grasp my cleaver, my tool of dismemberment,
hacking at your limbs, slipping in the blood on my floor,
jamming your severed arm into your rancid vaginal pore.
i spew at the sight of the slashed and gaped asshole,
hyper-extended vaginal cavity fuels my urge to disembowel.
Removal of your mangled innards, forceful extraction from your busted anus.

Now that i'm done with this brutalized cunt
as i walk away, i spark up a freshly rolled blunt
I left her there to die slow,
this is how i show zero respect for this busted ass hoe.

Текст добавил Pheo 5.10.2009 17:50

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