Текст песни You And What Army Space And Time

All alone!

And nothing is sacred
Forced to pretend like you’re satiated
When everything you express is a fake
You regress to a state where you’re never elated

Nothing’s left!

They’ve taken it all
Like the door to salvation was just another wall
Trapped in a world that’s a dying frame
Another crying shame that there’s no tears left for
My advice? Get off and RUN!
’til your lungs scream out and your body is numb
this determination cannot wear through
they don’t need you and you sure as hell don’t need THEM!
And when you reach the end
Everyone there is someone you can depend on
And there is a place where you live your dreams
Now shake this world by the seams and scream out with me:


I will take control
This life, this life, this life, this life is mine
and nothing in the world can stop me
I’m too far gone for anything to shock me
There’s nothing left that you can say or do
I can’t wait for you to decide that I’m worth your time

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