Текст песни You And What Army Supernova

RUN! like you’ve been given a purpose
Like the light at the end of the tunnel is fading to
dirt // First to divert to the glass,
see what has come to pass // At long
last // convex reflection blurring the
whole world // or is that really the sound of
tectonic shattering? // Is that really the
ground that is battering hulls? // Shattering
SKULLS? // don’t leave me alone with my
pulse // I convulse, taking a
turn for the worst // for the exit
Take a left at the next hit // two seconds left to
GO! // count down around me // strobing the
whole thing is out of control // I can’t feel my
hands or my nerves as they slur my feet
all I can feel is the beat

and I thought…


I had this predicted
I wrote the script
This is not how it’s supposed to End! x3
I had this predicted
I wrote the script


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