Текст песни You And What Army 25200 Degrees (Verse 2)

You learn something new every day
Whether it’s the truth or a lie or that once again
it’s best to do things my way
best to understand why a
life isn’t worth the dirt that it’s written on if you never live it out
and hindsight is a wonderful thing but inevitably brings doubt
so if you stamp it out at the source
take control, let go with no remorse
and fly headfirst into the force
that’s holding you back, of course
no-one said it would be easy
no-one said to believe me
but given the choice, would you let your voice
belong to your or just blend into the noise?




Closing my eyes to hide the surprise of the sun
The battle is barely begun and is won
by the blinding and rising tide of the flames
and lost when the spark is burning again

Chorus x2

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