Текст песни Atrocity The Hunt

Sinful I have taken life by life mortality a gift you have to make
blood and sweat is the nourishment bloody victim the hunt is your painful end
Nervously your skin is turning wet merciless I stab you in the back
steel of sword is reaching tender flesh lustfully I cut your head from neck
Panic,butcher bleeding for my need
Never enter my hunting ground 'cause I get you and I smash you down
I cut you,slash you till your death I slice your heart and steal your breath
The hunt is on! Manhunt is on!
I slaughter you,I slice your throat apart I punish you,your neverresting soul
gruesome,black and obscure night entirely I have given death's delight
Panic,butcher bleeding for my need
You and me – the chosen ones
The hunt is on!

Текст добавил fully alive 26.5.2009 10:40

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